The SVYL Team

Cassie Yu —


My name is Cassie Yu and I am a rising senior at Lynbrook High School. During my free time I like hanging out with my friends, trying new foods, and watching dramas. I love running, and have been on the varsity cross country team for the past two years. I’m excited to be able to meet all of you!

Eric Yan

Vice President

Hi, my name is Eric and I'm a rising sophomore at Lynbrook High School. My favorite activity is playing basketball with my friends, but I also like to swim and play water polo. In my free time, I enjoy watching science fiction movies, reading science fiction books, and playing video games.

Robinson Lyu

International Program Leader

Hello, everyone. My name is Robinson Lyu. I am a junior at Monterey Bay Academy. I love music and learned to play guitar. I enjoy spending time with that lovely instrument, not to mention the best thing is to play music with my friends. I also got addicted to weightlifting and reading. Because I was born and grew up in China, I guided my teammates to experience the traditional Chinese culture and assisted them to assmilate into Chinese culture.

Angela Hu


Hi! My name is Angela Hu, and I am very excited to be one of your event leaders here! I'll be teaching both marketing and the harmful effects of sugar. In my free time, you can probably find me playing and listening to music or hanging out with my friends at various boba tea shops. I'm very excited to meet and learn from every single one of you!

Heather Li

Event Leader

Hi! My name is Heather Li and I’m a rising junior at Lynbrook High School. During my free time, I like to draw, bake desserts/cook a meal, and watch videos online. Although I’m not very athletic, I dance, and this past year I joined the track team as a thrower (shotput and discus). I procrastinate until the last minute, have been called a perfectionist; sarcastic; or blunt, but most importantly, can be found most days with a cup of milk tea in my hand.


Team Leader

Hello I'm Ivy. I’m a Chinese girl that moved to America two and a half year ago and currently a sophomore in Los Gatos high school. In school, my club is called the veteran club. Also I participated in our school sports team which are Cross Country and Badminton. Outside the school I record my own songs, but they are just covers, hopefully one day I can write my own song. I also use social media to record my experience for over 70 episodes to share my daily life with the ones in China. Outside of school, I also do Opera and Volleyball. Most importantly, I really enjoy singing for the seniors and hope they had a good time.

Helena Su

Event Leader

Heyo! My name is Helena Su and I'm a rising junior at Lynbrook High School. Despite being confused about my future, I like to try out new things in order to find my passion, such as studying biology and challenging myself to perfect scores on Cytus II ( rhythm game ).  I play the violin ( still working hard to improve ) and enjoy photography. I found myself extremely fond of drinking boba, possibly due to the amazing experience I had as an asian.

Luke Zhao

Event Leader

My name is Luke Zhao, and I’m a rising junior at Lynbrook High School. I enjoy swimming, science research, and helping other people. I am fluent in English, and I can speak Spanish and Chinese.

Angelina Wu

Team Leader

Hello! I 'm Angelina Wu from America, my friends also call me Angy. I'm going to Lynbrook High School coming fall. I live in the Bay area with my parents and my older brother.  I like play Zeng ( Chinese piano), singing , and drawing . I can speak some Chinese and Korean too.

Jerrick Xie

Team Leader

Hi, my name is Jerrick Xie. I am a sophomore this year at Fremont High School. My hobbies include video games, reading and badminton. I can speak some Chinese and I am fluent in English. I hope that everyone can have fun and I look forward to meeting you all!

David Wang

Team Leader

H, my name is David Wang, and I'm rising junior at  Lynbrook High School. I'm very excited to be working with you guys. I like to swim and code. In my free time, I like watching movies with my family, playing video games with friends, and reading books.

Gracie Li

Team Leader

Hello! My name is Gracie and I am currently 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. I really love to draw and read. I have worked with many children at an afterschool and have a lot of experience dealing with kids. I am also the leader of an art department for a charity organization helping all kinds of people shine!

Gilbert Meng

Event Leader

Hi, my name is Gilbert. I am a rising sophomore at Oaks Christian School. My favorite activity is debate. I’ll be debating varsity next year. Things I like to do to have fun or just to relax include reading, watching movies/tv, and listening to music. Excited to meet all of you!

Kevin Yu

Team Leader

My name is Kevin Yu, and I am a rising junior at Bellarmine College Preparatory. I am currently an assistant senior patrol leader in my Boy Scout troop and am almost an Eagle scout. I enjoy playing various sports, video games, and exploring the outdoors. If you are interested in outdoor skills, ask me!

Grace Yu

Team Leader

Hi everyone, I’m Grace Yu, an upcoming sophomore at Notre Dame San Jose High School. 

In school I participated in various athletic programs such as volleyball, basketball and track. Sports has taught me leadership, teamwork, and perseverance. Through times of adversity,  I learned that “success is never final, failure is never fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts”(Winston Churchill).

 Besides sports, I have many typical teenager hobbies. Occasionally I draw and play instruments, but I am always down to watch Netflix and chat with my friends.  I look forward to meeting you this August!

Megan Xu


Hello! My name is Megan Xu and I am going to Carnegie Mellon University coming fall. I love art, and I always have paint on my hands, doodles running up my arms, or stray ink on my face. I also enjoy listening to music, eating good food, napping, and dogs. I play flute, piano, golf. I will be teaching about sociological behavior and music. I am excited to make friends with everyone!

Sophia Chen

Team Leader

Hey! My name is Sophia Chen and I'm a rising junior at Monta Vista High School. I love winter sports such as synchronized figure skating and skiing, as well as watching ice hockey. My favorite team is the San Jose Sharks and I actually figure skate at the same rink where they train! My favorite subjects in school are law and business and I can speak English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Michael Zhou

Event Leader

Hi guys, my name is Michael Zhou. I am currently a rising Junior at Los Gatos High School. I like to work. When I say work, I mean real work, like working out in the gym, or working on the basketball court. The real motivation behind this is my passion for basketball. I love to play basketball, just been on the court and holding the ball makes my day ten times better. I also play the guitar for my spare time as well. I am not super good at it, but you will get a glimpse of it later. I am pretty academically driven. I am fluent in both Chinese and English, so if you have any questions regarding American culture or anything in general, feel free to come talk to me.

Benjamin Li

Team Leader

I am an incoming sophomore at saratoga high. Favorites of mine include basketball, video games, math, and running. If I could have one thing I wanted, I would choose to own a treehouse on a mountain top because I've always been fascinated with tree houses and I think I would like the peacefulness of the peak of a mountain.

Benjamin Xu

Event Leader

Hi, my name is Benjamin Xu and I am a rising sophomore at Lynbrook High School. I play golf, football, clarinet, and piano. In my spare time, I enjoy playing games, listening to music, and napping. At school, I like studying biology, history, math, and literature. I will be teaching American movie culture as my group project and I will be conducting an experiment about the five senses as my individual project.


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