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We are a diverse group of students interested in STEM, humanities, art, sports, music, and more! We hope to share our passion and knowledge with others through the activities and opportunities made possible by Silicon Valley Youth Leaders.


Megan Xu


Carnegie Mellon University '24

My name is Megan and I was the founder and co-president in 2019. I now attend Carnegie Mellon University ('24), majoring in Computer Science and Statistics/ML. I also created and designed the SVYL website. Outside of school, I founded a game design studio to help realize my dreams and ideas into reality.

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Cassie Yu


EmoryUniversity '25

Hi! I’m Cassie Yu and I  have been a part of SVYL from the start. 


Eric Yan


Georgetown University'26 


Benjamin Xu


University of Pennsylvania '26

Hi! I'm Benjamin. As the founder and co-president of SVYL, I welcome everyone to participate in our organization and I look forward to meeting new, diverse people. From both sides of the Pacific to all around the world, I am excited to help build generations of youth in joining, enriching, and expanding SVYL. Outside of SVYL, feel free to talk to me about anything from American football, classical clarinet, and video games! 

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Sophia Chen

CO-PRESIDENT 2020-2021

Georgetown University '26

Hey everyone! My name is Sophia Chen and I attended Monta Vista High School. I've been part of SVYL for 2 years and I served as the CO - PRESIDENT. In my free time, I figure skate, read, and online shop. I can't wait to work with you all!


Louis Chan


My name is Louis Chan and I attended Irvington High school. I hoped to meet new people through volunteer and tutoring programs. My hobbies include playing video games and reading.


Michael Zhou


Tuffs University '26

Hi! My name is Michael, and I attended Los Gatos High School. I proudly lead SVYL as the Founder and Secretary. I am a competitive student and strive to achieve my best both academically and athletically. My favorite pastimes are basketball, guitar, and French. I participated in the 2019 SVYL China camp, where I taught Speech and Debate. Since COVID, I organized a memorable camping trip and helped the new generation of members transition from online to in-person. I sincerely appreciate SVYL as an opportunity to go above and beyond my academic studies. I wish to pass on my knowledge and help others to become successful.


Kevin Zhu

EVENT LEADER 2019 to 2022

Carnegie Mellon University '26

My name is Kevin Zhu, and I went to Lynbrook High School. Through my three years of working with SVYL, I have developed an identity outside my academic interests, which encompass biology, physics, and disciplines in their intersection. Some of my hobbies include playing the piano, photography, cinematography, and go-karting.


David Wang


UCSD '26

My name is David, and I went to  Lynbrook High school. In my free time, I like coding and swimming. SVYL has given me the opportunities to apply my skills and help people of different backgrounds


Robinson Lyu


Brown University '25

Hi, I’m Robinson Lyu, I went to Monterey Bay Academy. I participated in SVYL’s summer camp 2019 and 2020 and performed on the closing ceremonies. I love playing guitar, I love dramas and movies! Looking forward to create some awesome memories with you all!


Ivy Wu


Santa Clara University'25

Hi! I’m Ivy Wu and  I have been a part of SVYL for 3 years. I tutored and helped hold events. But I am also one of the starting founders of SVYL.

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 10_41_56 PM_pn

Heather Li

FOUNDER, Team Leader

UCSD '25

Hi! I’m Heather Li and I have been apart of SVYL from the start. I am one of the first members and one of the cofounders of this organization. I enjoy drawing and dancing outside of school.


Helena Su

Hello! My name is Helena Su and I'm a junior at Lynbrook High School. I like to try out new things in order to find my passion, such as studying biology and challenging myself to perfect scores on Cytus II (rhythm game). I play the violin (still working hard to improve) and enjoy photography.


UCB '26


Luke Zhao


Stanford University '26

I’m Luke, and I’m a junior at Lynbrook High School. I’ve worked as a volunteer in the past in SVYL with activities and the 2020 summer program. Outside of SVYL, I actively enjoy reading, swimming, and trying new things, especially during the pandemic.


Grace Yu


Hello, My name is Grace Yu and I attended  Notre Dame San Jose High School. I've volunteered at SVYL for 3 teaching at  SVYL's summer camp. When I was in school, I participate in activities like volleyball and speech and debate, but outside of school and nowadays, my hobbies are playing drawing and watching youtube.


Angela Hu


Rice University'26

Hi! I’m Angela Hu and I attended Lynbrook High School. I have been a part of SVYL for 3 years. Outside of SVYL, you’ll probably find me in my room binge watching kdramas or in my kitchen baking! Really excited to meet all of you!

Kevin Yu

Kevin Yu.png


UCSB '26

Hello, My name is Kevin Yu. I was a  rising senior at Bellarmine College Preparatory, when I was apart of SVYL . In school, I ran sprints for varsity track and field, and also enjoyed fencing in fencing club. Outside of school, I also enjoyed playing video games, especially league of legends. I am also(and still) an Eagle Scout, and enjoy adventuring outdoors.

Kevin Lin.png

Kevin Lin


Hello, My name is Kevin Lin. When I was in high school I was apart of SVYL and helped with tutoring students. I enjoy gaming.


Aaron Zhu


Santa Clara University'26

My name is Aaron Zhu and I used to go to Leland Highschool. I taught at SVYL as a volunteer and helped organized a lot of events. I hope to help others in a way that people find funny and make other peoples days better.




Ello! I'm Nicole. In my free time, I like eating, reading, sleeping, and drawing. I like fencing and archery.




Hello, My name is Dylan and I was a past member of SVYL.


Joanna Luo

PRESIDENT 2021-2022


Hi, my name is Joanna! I was a rising senior at Valley Christian High School. My interests include physics, art, and robotics. I am the president of SVYL. I served as the vice president of fabrication on my school’s FIRST Robotics Competition team. I am also the media lead and first female student officer for my school’s esports program. When I am not attending to my many duties, I am drawing or hanging out with my friends and family.


Minsui Tang



Hi I am Minsui and was a Senior at Saratoga High School in Silicon Valley, California.

I am a part of  iCare and am an enthusiastic coordinator for our various events.  I love to put my artistic skills to use in everyday life and always greet those around me with a smile on my face.

Orange Blossom

Nina Jiao



Hello, My name is Nina. I was a rising senior in Aragon High School. My interests include musicals, art and rhythm games. I served as a secretary at Aragon Japanese Language and Culture Club. I hope to study English and History in college and study law. In 2022, I became a member at SVYL. I play the  flute and am currently in the process of creating an organization (Homework Central) to help even more students.

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