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Summer 2019

In October 2019, iCare helped to host one of SVYL's earliest events: their annual award night. The ceremony took place in a restaurant reserved by our volunteers, and it marked the beginning of a lasting friendship among members.

On January 5, 2020, iCare helped to host a performance written by students as a part of their award night.

In October 2020, volunteers followed safety precautions as they continued to host an award night to encourage each other to stay motivated during online learning. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, iCare had to postpone the 2021 annual award night sponsoring SVYL's volunteers to February 2022. It had been an inspiring night for all, as the award night not only symbolized the persevering spirits of students despite obstacles, but also served as a reminder of the importance of giving back to our community.

Over the summer in 2021, current and past volunteers of SVYL gathered together to spend time camping and made treasured memories with each other as they navigated through cooking, making and maintaining a campfire, setting up tents, and more.

On April 10 of 2022, iCare hosted a yard sale in Milpitas from 9 to 3 selling belongings that our volunteers' families no longer need. All the fundings -- a total of $348 -- were donated to UNICEF to help Ukrainian children.

After years of working as a part of SVYL, some seniors finally take their leave for college in 2022. iCare sponsored and organized a senior panel dedicated to spotlight their past achievements not just regarding their high school academic experiences, but also each of their distinct passions. 

From June 10 to June 14, 2022, volunteers and parents camped at Castro Valley. For most, this had been their first time taking charge with peers to organize activities, cook meals, and grow as leaders.

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