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Since our foundation in 2018, SVYL has hosted a myriad of exciting and unique events in order to connect with our peers throughout the world, raise funds for charitable causes, and give back to our community.

During the COVID pandemic, we celebrated Spring and the Chinese New Year through online festivities. The students at SVYL arranged and hosted a joyous New Year party, involving singing, chess, calligraphy, painting, and more. We hope that everyone can spend time with their family and friends during this time, in person or virtually.

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Virtual Spring Festival


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2020 SVYL Summer Camp

7/1/2019 - 7/14/2019

RainbowBridge Summer Camp

We hosted a 2-week long summer camp at Shanghai, where we worked with 100+ high school and middle school students to teach them english, mathematics, science, writing, and many other subjects.



Talent Fundraiser

The members of SVYL showed off their astounding talents in our 2 hour long fundraiser, featuring performances in singing, dancing, acting, music, comedy, and more. We raised over 2000$ for charity and for supporting SVYL throughout the year.